My Daily Wear: November 17, 2017

Happy Friday, everybody!! I hope you all had a great week! Are you ready for the weekend? I know I sure am!! Who watched the finale of Project Runway last night? What did you think? Personally, I am perfectly happy with whom the judges chose as the winner. It wasn’t the person I thought was going to win from the first day, but it was good to know that my pick made it to Fashion Week!! 🙂

Anyway, here’s a look at what I wore to work today. As you can see, I was all about “casual Friday”, and also a little bit anti-sunny. That’s what happens when one stays in bed a little too long, and has to rush to get to work…. 🙂

Have a great weekend!!

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My Daily Wear: November 10, 2017

Well hey howdy hey, it’s finally Friday!! This week has been a killer one, and I am certainly glad the weekend is here! What did everyone think about Project Runway last night? What was your standout moment? Mine can be summed up in a mere two words.


Those of you who watched will know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. 😉

Anyway, here’s a look at what I wore to work today. Even though today was Friday, I felt like dressing a little bit the opposite of “Casual Friday”. Autumn, winter, and spring are definitely my stronger seasons to wear what’s in my closet. I’m also dressing a bit opposite of the weather. It’s all sunny out, and I’m dressed in so much grey. I’m also really loving jewel tones lately.

Have a great weekend!

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My Daily Wear: October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween, everyone! All dressed up and ready to go trick-or-treating with your friends/children, or heading off to some parties? I’ll likely be home handing out candy, becuase I’m a fuddy-duddy. 🙂

Here’s a look at what I wore to work today. It might be a little hard to tell, but I’m actually dressed up in a costume of sorts today! Well, you’ll see once you scroll down the post and see for yourself. Yes, it’s super subtle. But it’s genius. 😉

Enjoy your holiday!

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My Daily Wear: October 26, 2017

Well, here we are, folks! The second best day of the week! Well, for me anyway. It’s Project Runway night! If any of you watch along as well, make sure you read my recap from last week! 🙂

Here’s a look at what I wore to work today. One of the disadvantages of having a rather small closet is that it’s easy to forget about things you have, because they are usually buried behind other things. This blazer is one of them. I scored it on clearance at Belk, and I LOVE the look and texture of it. It’s not really a leather, but kind of like a sharkskin, because of the way light plays off of it. It’s really hard to describe.

Enjoy your day!!

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My Daily Wear: October 20, 2017

Hi everybody! Happy Friday! Yes, the work week is finally over, and we can all kick back and relax for what seems like 5 seconds until it’s Monday all over again. Am I right, or am I right? 😉

Here’s what I wore to work today. The weather has started to creep up and getting warmer once again, so today, I had to wear something short-sleeved. It’s pretty impossible to tell, but this yellow shirt is a seersucker pattern, and it is MUCH brighter than the camera can ever capture.

Have a great weekend!!

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My Daily Wear: October 18, 2017

Hey everybody! Happy hump day! Two more days to go until the weekend. Hang in there!

Here’s a look at what I wore to work today. Man, it was CHILLY this morning! The temps were in the upper 30s when I took these pictures. While I’m glad that it is starting to be cooler outside, I’m not looking forward to freezing temperatures! I have been having a lot of fun with my blazers, though. I feel like I’m back in my element, as I can’t wear any of them in the warmer months. I’d REALLY love to have some lightweight suits or blazers, so if anyone needs gift ideas… 😉

Enjoy your day!!

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My Daily Wear: October 10, 2017

Happy Tuesday, everyone! It feels like it’s going to be a LONG week. I have no earthly idea why. Ever have weeks like that?

A new Project Runway recap will be coming up later today, so keep an eye out for it! You can find it over here. Let me know your thoughts!

So, here’s a look at what I wore to work today. Yay. Summer is back. I just LOVE it.

Yes, I’m being COMPLETELY sarcastic.

Enjoy your day!

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My Daily Wear: October 3, 2017

Hello, and happy Tuesday, everybody! How is it that the day can seemingly fly by, but at the same time, the week is moving by at a rather slow pace? I don’t get it.

For my Project Runway fans, I’m hoping to have last week’s recap post up on my other blog later today. Last week’s episode was a good one, and I’m excited to see who goes home. I don’t think I’ve ever said that about an episode before. Lol 🙂

Anyway, here’s a look at what I wore to work today. I was in a bit of a hat mood this morning. While I don’t really have any colder weather hats, this one I felt could be a late summer/early autumn hat. Good thing that it’s late summer/early autumn! 😉

Enjoy your day!

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My Daily Wear: September 27, 2017

Happy Wednesday, everyone! It’s yet another fine autumn summer-like day here. When I say “another FINE” day, it’s more like “another why-is-it-still-so-hot-and-humid-out” day. But you all already knew that, huh? 😉

To my fellow Project Runway fans, I’ll be getting my (once again) super late recap post up later today. I haven’t forsaken you!

Here’s a look at what I wore to work today. I’m still anxiously waiting for the temperatures to go down a bit so I can start wearing more autumn-like clothing. Until that happens, I have to stick with summery stuff. -sigh-

Enjoy your day!

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My Daily Wear: September 14, 2017

Yay, it’s Thursday!! Project Runway night! I’m certainly looking forward to it, and I hope you’ll follow me on Twitter and live-tweet along with me! I always try to keep things spoiler-free. 🙂

Here’s a look at what I wore to work today. Thankfully, it hasn’t been looking like we’ll be getting days of rain, so I can keep taking my pictures outside. This is a little bit “preppy with an edge”. 🙂

Enjoy your day!!

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