My Daily Wear: September 7, 2017

Happy Thursday, everybody!! It’s Project Runway night, and you all know what I’ll be doing! Make sure to tweet along with me (@StyleOfTerry)! I’d love to chat during the show!

Here’s a look at what I wore to work today. Today was such a GORGEOUS day, so I wanted to wear something a little dressier, and a bit (okay a LOT) more colorful. Not only is the orange great in the sun, as a coworker mentioned to me, it also reminds them of all things autumn. Here’s to the unconscious transitional outfit from summer to autumn! 😉

Enjoy your day!

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My Daily Wear: August 24, 2017

Happy Thursday, folks!! It’s almost time for the weekend, and it’s also time for some Project Runway! I hope you can join me during tonight’s episode as I live-tweet along (spoiler-free, naturally). You can find me at @StyleOfTerry.

So, here’s what I wore to work today. The weather today was much cooler today, and certainly nowhere near as humid. THANK. GOODNESS. It’s been a little while since I’ve worn gingham, and I like that this particular shirt is long sleeved, but also lightweight enough that I could wear it if things started heating up again.

Enjoy your day!

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My Daily Wear: 10.27.16

Happy Thursday everyone!! It’s also time for another Project Runway, and you all know how excited I am for it each week (or how sick you are of hearing it each week, lol). I will be a little bit late live-tweeting tonight’s episode, but will start watching when I return home (should only be about 30 minutes behind or less). If you don’t already follow me on Twitter, then you totally should be! You can find me @StyleOfTerry.

Here’s a look at what I wore to work today. I really like the contrast of the blue sweater, and the radiant orchid (I always love saying that! Hehe) shirt. It also makes me glad that so many people seem to like my jump action pose. What started out as trying something new (and thinking people would find it goofy), has now turned into my signature pose of sorts. Thank you!


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